Refining Meet changing product demand, achieve quality specifications and maximize use of existing assets



Our know-how and experience in refining are reflected in an industry leading portfolio of technology, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment and services. This breadth, combined with our unique capabilities in configuration planning and optimization, bring bottom-line profits to your specific refining situation. Whether it’s meeting diesel demand in developing economies, responding to octane needs and diesel sulfur reduction, upgrading heavy fuel oil, or maximizing profits from underutilized assets, let ASH find your unique solution.







Hamamatsu flirtverhalten skorpion frau Refinery Projects  – Plan, Optimize and Implement Refinery Projects

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Diesel and Jet – Meet growing diesel demand.

Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) Conversion – Conversion is key to profitability.

Residue Upgrading – Consider black oil alternatives.

Petrochemical Integration – Convert byproducts to high-value petrochemicals.

Hydrogen Management – Efficiently meet your production needs.

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