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  Design and developing software for prediction modeling of PVT for N.I.O.C. Simulation of wells and using prediction modeling for finding new wells and Enhance Oil Recovery  in Darquain  Oil Field. Investigation of simulation of performance of gas injection in casing of fahlian in Darquain Oil Field. Optimization of Production from Darquain Oil Field regarding […]

Gas & Hydrogen

Integrated solutions to monetize your gas resources Natural gas is expected to become the second-largest source of energy in the world by 2035. With growing demand, the industry needs innovative solutions to efficiently process gas reserves and capture valuable natural gas liquids. As a global leader in gas processing technologies, ASH has helped our customers […]


Meet growing demand, increase product revenue, improve processing efficiency and utilize alternate feedstocks Worldwide petrochemical growth continues to be strong, particularly in developing economies. ASH’s industry leading technologies provide solutions to meet this demand for Aromatics, Olefins, and LAB. Today’s producers face the challenges of processing, energy efficiency and feedstock availability. Plants are getting larger, […]


Meet changing product demand, achieve quality specifications and maximize use of existing assets   Our know-how and experience in refining are reflected in an industry leading portfolio of technology, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment and services. This breadth, combined with our unique capabilities in configuration planning and optimization, bring bottom-line profits to your specific refining situation. Whether […]


Equipment   INSTRUMENTS ARVAND SHIMI COMPANY is known as one of the most innovative companiesworld wide developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. ARVAND SHIMI Instruments’ success is based on the development of portable, rugged and easy to operate fuel, oil, chemical and environmental analyzers for accurate quality control in the laboratory and for fast on-site […]


Operations-focused assessment for short-to-intermediate term improvements The refining and petrochemical industries are more global, competitive and complex than before and sometimes quick solutions are needed to meet changing demands or regulations. Our Tactical Technology-Integrated Profitability Solutions (TIPS) provide an operations-focused assessment of your refinery’s existing assets to make short-to-intermediate term improvements.  You develop the knowledge […]

Ongoing Operations

Maintain safety and reliability while increasing profitability ASH Plant Operations Support keeps your process units operating profitably, reliably and safely. Our experts complete the transfer of ASH technology, support your start-up activities and provide troubleshooting expertise and technical backup. Process Technology Analysis & Support to review your operations for optimal process and catalyst performance. ASH Technology […]


Evaluation and Recommendations of Refinery Configurations Evaluate and configure your refinery’s shift to higher value products, naphtha or aromatics vs. gasoline production, new crude slate options or increased diesel production options. ASH’s complex configuration studies use state-of-the-art modeling skills, proprietary process models, and quantitative risk and decision-analysis techniques to develop configuration plans that enable you […]


Knowledge transfer opportunities for optimum start-up and on-going operations ASH has been providing training and development programs to the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries for decades. Our courses and tools focus on developing the skills of your operators and process engineers to improve your profitability, assure safe operations, optimize unit operation and respond to emergency situations […]


ASH-C Catalysts: Innovating at the Speed of Business As processing industries change at more rapid rates than ever before, ASH keeps up with your business needs. Meet the increasingly complex set of challenges for the refining and petrochemical industries head on with ASH’s streamlined development techniques. We develop new catalysts faster and more efficiently – […]